Academic Calender:

Month Date Activities
May 1st 15th to 20th Seminar On Labour Day Admission Session
June 01st-07th,08,11th-30th Introduction Of Fresher,Assgnment,Monthly Test,Summer Vaccation
July 01st,02nd-04th,29th,30th Debate Competition,Community Survey,Assignment,Monthly Test
August 02nd-10th,15th,17th,29th,30th Internal Examination D.Ed 1st & 2nd Year,Celebrating Of Independence Day Micro Teaching(Micro Lesson Plan)Assignment,Mothly Test
September 03rd,10th,20th,28th,29th Excurtion,Quiz Competion,Drawing and Painting Competetion,Assignment,Monthly Test
October 02nd,10th,25th,29th Celebrating Gandhi Jayanti,Games & Sports Competition,Assignment,Monthly Test
November 03rd,4th,5th,28th,29th Extempore Lecture,Project On Lang,SS,SC & Math Assignment,Monthly Test
December 15th,31st,25th,27th Internship for D.Ed 1st and 2nd Year,Internship For B.Ed,Celebration On X-Masday,Symposium on Mirza Ghalib
January 01st,15th,03rd,04th,26th,28th,29th Continue Internship for B.Ed & D.Ed,T.L.M Workshop Republic Day Celebration,Assignment,Monthly Test
February 01st,16th,25th,28th Story Writing,Poem Competition,Celebration Of Prophet Mohammed,Monthly Test,Assignment
March 08th,12th,22th,26.27,29th,30th,31st Internal Exam 1st and @nd Year,Internal Exam B.Ed,Admission Test,Final Discussion On Current Issue,Assgnment,Monthly Test
April 15th,24th,27th Handicraft Competition,Ambedkar Jayanti,Babu Kunwar Sigh Jayanti