From The President Desk

It is a matter of great pride for me to address the student of Mirza Ghalib Teacher,s training College.Education is the endless journey through the ocean of knowledge and enlightnment. This journey when effective should take on to the new vistas of humanism where harted, jealously Violence, discrimination, enmity and selfishness are treated as dreadful vices. College should transform the students into noble souls and wholesome being. They should be assest to society.

                     In a world of complexity, setting direction for one,s own self is extermely difficult. We need to prepare ourselves to face challenges and learn to adjust with situation. The nature of learning, itself is changing . We want to see the students engaged whole heartedly in pursuit of knowledge. It is nature and healthy for all of us to lern. we lern throughout our life. Learning can take place through multiplicity of experiences and exposures. We need to participate in a learning community and need to find conductive atmoshphere for it. We need commitment, dedication and need to strive to benefit from every challenge, opportunity and option offered to us to learn we need to discover our limitless potential.

                     Again , I am extremely thankful to the efficient and dedicated teachers and my sincere students who with their prime efforts proved our excellence by adding cent percent result with 1 class in B.Ed. annual Magadh University Examination. Lastly I say "Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined, learn to respect every one, learn to adjust with situation."